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Latest News

  • Top Summer Recycling Tips for Kids!

    Encourage your children to recycle

    With the children on holidays from school and a long weekend on the horizon, this can only mean one thing – more waste! Why not encourage your children to learn about recycling, and who knows they might enjoy it!

    Follow these handy tips that will tell you all you need to know…

    Recycling Tip One – Easy Access to Bins

    Try to have two to three bins in your kitchen. Depending on your area you may or may not have a food compost bin. Clearly label the bins and associate each of them with a colour; black for general waste, blue or green for recycling and brown for food waste. This will make it easier for children of all ages to tell them apart. You could even get the little ones to draw pictures to place on the bin.
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  • August Bank Holiday Collection Notice

    An image of a table calendar for your events May 2015

    Please note customers who normally receive collections on a Monday will no longer experience a change to their collection day because it falls on a bank holiday Monday. Barna Recycling will now operate collections on bank holiday Mondays as per normal Mondays.


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  • Disposing of Old Household Electronic Equipment

    Disposing of Electrical Equipment

    Broken or no longer useful household electronic equipment can take up much needed space around the home and must be disposed of carefully to ensure minimum impact to the environment and public health. Disposing of electrical and electronic products in landfill sites means millions of tonnes of materials that could potentially be recovered and reused for new products are lost. Many electronic appliances and/or their components contain substances which are considered dangerous to the environment and human health if they are disposed of inappropriately. Whilst these dangerous substances are usually only present in small quantities, they have significant potential to cause serious environmental damage. This blog post outlines a number of possible ways in which you can ensure your old electrical items are disposed of responsibly.

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